Insieme Per Ucraina ODV

Insieme Per Ucraina ODV

Italy Porto Recanati, Loreto, Ancona, Senigallia, Fano

The translation from Italian to English is as follows: "The association 'Insieme Per Ucraina' (Together For Ukraine) was founded with the goal of providing and promoting volunteer work, supporting and helping families in difficulty and vulnerable individuals. We offer assistance and support to populations affected by emergencies and natural disasters, collaborating with national and international civil protection agencies. Furthermore, we support and provide solidarity aid to Ukraine, welcoming, supporting, and providing assistance to refugees from Ukraine and other war-torn countries. The association also promotes Ukrainian culture, its traditions, and rediscovering the true history of Ukraine by organizing cultural events, presentations, fairs, and concerts."


Coordinating body of the Ukrainian diaspora in Italy

The future coordinating body for the Ukrainian diaspora in Italy envisions being a multifaceted organization dedicated to supporting and integrating the Ukrainian community. Its key roles would include promoting Ukrainian culture and traditions through events and language classes, assisting in the adaptation of Ukrainians to Italian life with legal, linguistic, and social support, and fostering educational ties through scholarships and Ukrainian language courses in Italian schools. Furthermore, it would provide humanitarian aid and crisis response, ensuring rapid mobilization during emergencies. Economic and professional networking events would connect Ukrainian professionals and businesses in Italy, fostering economic growth and opportunities. The organization aims to act as a vital liaison between the Ukrainian community and Italian governmental bodies, advocating for the rights and interests of Ukrainians in Italy.